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Weld Fatigue ACT Extension for Mechanical

The EDRMedeso Weld Fatigue ACT Extension is a tool to speed up post processing of weld fatigue based on IIW recommendations for Nominal, Hot-Spot and Effective Notch method in ANSYS Mechanical. This includes calculation of life, damage, safety factors, stress range and more. Also cumulative damage from several load cases can be evaluated to get the total duty cycle damage, safety factors and equivalent stress range.

Also a tool for linearized stress for solids is included to calculate e.g. “structural stress” (membrange+bending). This may be used instead of Hot-Spot method without the need of a very detaild mesh at the weld toe (Hot-Spot).

The power of the app is that it in one result object you can evaluate multiple chains of welds for a single load case or scanning of all load case combinations. For Hot-Spot method this gives a clear view of the fatigue results along the welds to identify critical points (and not only in a single point if using a manual method). All results are also written to a csv text file for easy graph creation etc.

The results can be evaluated according to IIW or DNV S-N curves that are included in the app. Custom S-N curves can be added by the user.

The app works for both shell and solid models and no specific mesh preparation or path definitions are needed. The result “Life quality” can be plotted to show if the mesh is good enough. Default settings for S-N curve and Hot-Spot method can be saved to match your favourite design code.

S-N Curves for both IIW and DNV GL are included in the app. Additional S-N curves may be added by the user.

The full Weld Fatigue documentation can be downloaded from this link:



How to buy (paid-up fee only): Not any longer available. Perpetual "paid-up" licenses will be discontinued and transitioned to annual lease licenses starting with ANSYS 19.

General commercial conditions: Starting with ANSYS 19, Apps will only be available and priced as annual leases.

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