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Report Generator ACT Extension for Mechanical


The EDRMedeso Report Generator ACT Extension is a tool to speed up reporting tasks and make reports using your company specific Word template in a few clicks in ANSYS Mechanical.

With the app you will add meta data information and text to the model such as “report name”, “author”, “reviewer”, “Introduction” and “Conclusions”. Using Tags(*) you will filter the content to be included in the report and with Comments(*) and Figures(*) you add information and views about any object in the model tree. To speed up the new version has custom buttons for Tag, Comment and Figure that can be applied to multiple objects at once. The comments and figures are also automatically tagged to be included in the report. With one click on the “Word” button the report is created and saved in the project folder and ready to be reviewed and shared.

(*) Standard Mechanical features

A new geometry or updated loads will not cause a lot of wasted time in manual copy/paste and updating of an existing report, just use the “Word” button again to get a new report where all pictures and properties are up to date.

The Report Generator is well suited for the situation of a third party reviewer since the contents of the report are extracted from the actual model and analysis meaning no typing errors on values, units or wrong pictures. Want to have the report in British units “BIN” instead of “SI”? Just change the unit setting in Mechanical and export the report again.

If you just want to export all figures of the report for a presentation use the “Update Figure” button for high quality figures saved with figure number and name in the project folder. This feature can also be used to update all the figures in the report if you changed a view or contour setting.

Compiling a report from several different analysis systems is also simple. Use one analysis system as the master report and then use the “Update Figures” to export the appendix sections from other systems that are inserted in the main report using the “Appendix” button.

Having several Word templates or other layout of the report? No problem, the Report Generator can be customized to your needs. E.g. additional meta data on the front page, naming of headings, standard text or tables to include, specific object information etc. all can be made on consultancy basis on your specific version. Contact EDRMedeso direct for more information info@edrmedeso.com.

One example report made by the app and in the same time the documentation can be viewed in the pdf file from the link below

View ReportGenerator_Documentation_V180.6 (PDF)

View  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIb7V29YBzM

How to buy (paid-up fee only): Not any longer available. Perpetual "paid-up" licenses will be discontinued and transitioned to annual lease licenses starting with ANSYS 19.

General commercial conditions: Starting with ANSYS 19, Apps will only be available and priced as annual leases.

After clicking "Request Quote" you wlll receive a no obligation quote. Paid-apps require license to be obtained once purchased. If you already got license for this app, you can download the app without requesting quote.