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ASME Local Failure ACT-based Application for Mechanical


  • Local failure is a term used in ASME 2013 Sec. VIII Div.2 Part 5. as a means to compare the magnitude of plastic strain values against limits set out by the code.
  • Handling these stress and strain results, together with the material class dependent constants can be a tedious task, and easily prone to human error.


  • The Local Failure app can be used as an efficient post-processing tool to plot the local failure utilization ratio according to ASME.
  • The material properties are found for the specified material class according to ASME.
  • Furthermore, the ASME Local Failure app offers the possibility to specify forming strain.

The ASME Local Failure documentation can be downloaded from this link:

ASME local Failure_Documentation_V180.1.pdf

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